Linn Rayna Casey

Trust Officer, Estate Settelment Officer

Linn brings to our team 25 years of office management and legal administration experience. Combined with her dedication to high standards in maintaining confidentiality and her meticulous nature with details; Linn has a warm and thoughtful demeanor exuding professional care, inspiring trust in her abilities to work with and meet her clients’ individual needs. CAPSTONE Trust is privileged to have such a caring and dedicated Trust Officer, as are the clients whom she serves.

Over the last several years Linn has dedicated time, energy and love to the Olympia Waldorf School as a parent volunteer with the Parent Association, Site Committee and ultimately the Board of Trustees. While judiciously holding the heart, mind and spirit of the children, parents, faculty and staff of the school; her journey provided valuable experiences including: short and long term planning, succession planning, and working as a cohesive group in making decisions. Linn held officer positions as Parent Representative to the Board, Interim Treasurer and Board Secretary over her two and a half year commitment to the Board to support her school’s fruitful pathway to success.

Having completed all requisite coursework, Linn is presently a candidate for the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) designation. The CTFA designation is the apex of professional training for a trust officer and is awarded by the American Bankers’ Association.