Guiding Principles

People First

Whether it is our clients, employees or strategic partners, CAPSTONE Trust believes our relationships with people are priority one.  This means we act at all times to uphold the fiduciary standard of care when administrating trusts and settling estates.  This means we will seek to foster a work environment that is both challenging and personally rewarding as we fulfill our mission each day.  Finally, this means we will seek to strengthen the community in which we live and enhance the economic vitality of those who choose to partner with us.  We are people who exist in a community and it is by honoring and nurturing those relationships CAPSTONE Trust will in turn grow and thrive.

Upholding the Document

When administrating a trust or settling an estate, CAPSTONE Trust will adhere to the law and execute the stipulations of the document.  Informed objectivity is critical to the stewardship and protection of our clients; as they rely on us to carry out their wishes.  The proper administration of a legal document will supersede the wishes, desires and preferences of all other interested parties.

Freedom Through Structure

CAPSTONE Trusts believes true freedom can only exist when you know your boundaries.  This is true for our clients as they seek to structure their affairs to empower their wishes and it is true for us internally as we adhere to process and procedure in carrying out our work.  As a company, we abide by clear, repeatable policies and procedures within the stated boundaries, which ensures our clients’ needs are met.  For our clients, our hope is: through interaction with the appropriate legal and tax counsel, structure can be built legally through an estate plan which creates the freedom to accomplish their objectives and empower the beneficiaries of their assets.