Emily Humphreys-Beher

CTFA, Trust Officer, Estate Settlement Officer

Emily is an experienced and compassionate fiduciary. Prior to joining the firm, Emily served as a Vice President and Trust Officer of a community bank in North Central Florida. In total she has nearly three decades of experience working with clients to achieve their objectives and ultimately administrating their trusts and wills when called upon to do so.

Emily earned her Bachelor’s in Music from Morehead State University, her Masters in Teaching from Indiana State University and is a graduate of the Canon Institute Advanced Trust School. Additionally, she holds the Certified Trust Financial Advisor (CTFA) and is an Accredited Estate Planner.


We at Capstone Trust recognized that these are challenging and unprecedented times. Ramifications from the COVID-19 outbreak are being felt in communities around the world and ours is no exception. Given that new reality, we want to underscore the fact that CAPSTONE Trust and its people are safe, working remotely and continuing to perform the essential function of administrating trusts and settling estates. We stand ready to serve our market and are fully capable of meeting remotely with clients and advisors as we seek to be of service. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 360-515-0281 or info@capstonetrust.net.